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2023/08/15: The new Urban Greeneries Butterfly Brochure is a wonderful resource for identification and data collection.

Good community resources for butterfly identification and data collection are necessary for the success of iBMS. We have just released a handy foldable brochure in our line of resources. The brochure covers more than 210 species of butterflies that make up practically the entire butterfly fauna of urban greeneries in most Indian cities. The primary focus on well-curated images and pointers to key identification features makes this brochure accessible to beginners, including children. Thus, this is a great educational and outreach tool that should help users identify butterflies for pleasure, data collection and community building.

This brochure is a product of an ongoing study of Indian butterflies conducted collaboratively by the Butterflies of India consortium, composed of many research institutions, NGOs and citizen science groups. 

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- 15 August 2023.