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Monitor Butterflies

Monitoring Indian Butterflies for Ecological Insights from Long-Term Population Data

Conservation Research and Policy

Research at the interface of urban ecology and butterfly biology

Climate Change and Survival of Species 

Understanding impacts of climate change on butterfly population persistence and species survival

Conservation Education and Outreach

Build a strong community for insect biodiversity, nature and conservation

About iBMS

The goal of Indian Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (iBMS) is to monitor butterflies all over India to understand the biology and long-term population dynamics of butterflies for the purpose of species conservation, biodiversity research, and education.

(Image: Nagraj V.)



2023/08/19: Two long-term butterfly monitoring sites launched under iBMS Pune Chapter. Coordinators: Savita Bharti and Bhushan Sathe
2023/08/15: The new Urban Greeneries Butterfly Broch
The 2023 Bengaluru Butterfly Festival was a great success!
The Indian Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (iBMS) is launched with the goal of generating long-term data on population dynamics of Indian butterflies to gain insights into ecological processes and cons